July 2023 Transplanting L'Expressior Artist's Residency

July is here and so is the summer.

I have arrived in Marney- Sur- Siene, France to work. My second artists residency for this year and another place to explore. A Lovely Botanical Garden is a shining jewel and I am visiting it daily for studies of plants and flowers. I have continued my printmaking  explorations here, as I explore the long walks in and around the Village.

Life is simple in a studio apartment. And the bright spacious artist studio lets in the light. Being a small village, it is quiet and calm but the residents here are kind and welcoming. 

As a visiting artist, I can visit the gardens whenever I want! I would stay there all day if I could, just nibbling from the garden patch, sticking my feet in the pond and taking a nap under a big tree listening to dragon flies and bees busy at work!! What a luxury.

Artworks are coming based on this idea of migration- uprooting- transplanting, setting our roots into different soil and leaving our marks as we go. I am planning to have a little exposition at the end of the month, and I hope it will share all of my joy and wonder.     


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