Dreaming of Blaxit

current series 2023

Portraits and Collage series documenting narratives of women living in europe.

Seven Nefertiti's

Intuitive mixed media. An exploration in defining the devine Feminine. Each piece done on recycled wood panels explores our relationship to Mother Nature. Looking to our feminine characteristics, such as empathy, trust and faith. 

My Body Holds Secrets

in 2022 I had to do a 5 year check up after having a full hysterectomy in 2014. It was a stressful two months of exams, ultrasounds, MRI’s and probes to make sure nothing new was growing. I decided to create a group of images that followed my progress, feelings and emotions. It was a moment of art therepy and I decided to call it Body Mapping. By choosing colors that identified my fears and hope, and lines that represented direction and waves of emotions, the image took shape before me. Using Abstract techniques, process and material-based exploration I found I was able to process my fears.

Artwork 2022

Title: Faces 2022

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Concept: Exploring film and documentation, these paintings are being  shared on social media while I paint.  These paintings are superimposed images of myself and famous black women. I used artists, activists, astronauts, actors, singers, educators. This project is on going and more women will be added.


Title: Raisin in LOCKDOWN

Medium : mixed media, A water damaged French copy of  A Raisin in the Sun by John Steinbeck, Pen and Ink, Oil Pastel

Concept : A lack of materials during the pandemic lockdown invited the use of other materials food around the house. Using an old water damaged book as a sketch journal, I decided to make a drawing day using models from magazines and still life portraits of objects around the house. Some inspired some paintings in Acrylic and Oil.

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