December Solo Show Marnay- Sur-Siene, Fr

27 Dec 2023

My grand return to Marnay Sur Siene, France. I was here in the summer for a residency. This winter I worked with Paula Temple, a retired art professor at the University of Mississippi and currently the president of L'Expressior  artist residency in Marnay. My mixed media guru! I ended with a showing of my current project, ON Reve  is the mixed-media portrait series, that shares an intimate view of the migration of Black American women who have become expats and choose to live in Europe. These portraits use empathic and intuitive art practices, body mapping, aura and chakra's tell us the emotional landscape of each subject.

close up, 50 cm x 40 cm, mixed media on paper




We worked through the first month on techniques and ways to experiment.  

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