February 2024 Chateau Orqueveaux, FR Residency

The month of Feb 2024 I spent 3 weeks in Orqueveaux France at the Chateaux's Residency program. I was able to finish two large pieces for the Black women's migration project I have been so focused on. I am working on old linen sheets that I have found at local shops and markets, never paying more than 10 euros for each! My goal of always recycling and reusing materials is staying with me. 

I met some wonderful people and hope to stay in touch. I was honoured to be a model for others and to get support from others for future projects. It was a great way to meet new creatives and create in a beautiful studio space. I have shared many images on instagram, eo_morton. 

You may have noticed that I have changed both my email, Instagram and website handle to be consistant, EO Morton (some of you know me as Elizabeth and some of you know me as Odarley). I honour both of my names by changing it all to EO! 



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